Join the
Summer camp

July 22–28, 2018
Barcelona, Spain 

Applications closed


Would you like to join engineers and work on brand new projects for our website? Summer camp is a paid intensive programming assignment led by our top senior engineers.

We’re mainly looking for senior Python and ReactJS developers.


1. Hotels

Accommodation and transport — the first thing you need to think about when going on a holiday or a business trip. We’ve already built a great service for finding transport, so you don’t need to worry about flights, buses or trains. Help us make travelling more comfortable by combining our service with hotel data too.

2. Trains wants to develop a door-to-door transportation service. To get there, we need to connect every possible method of transport to our site. Help us to provide land and sea transportation to our customers.

3. Your own related project

Feel free to come with your own idea for a project that could be integrated into our website. Just let us know in the application form.


Stanislav Komanec

Head of Platform at

Stanislav is an accomplished developer who has worked on many key projects at and helped grow the company to where it is now. He stepped outside his comfort zone and grew into an outstanding people manager. His exceptional technical skills combined with his soft skills enable him to be effective as our Platform Team Leader. Among his hobbies are whiskey tasting, business and solving real-world technological problems.

Michal Sänger

Javascript Tech Lead

Michal works as a Full-stack Javascript Tech Lead at and is passionate about solving all Javascript issues. He dreams about web apps written in ReactJS, mobile apps in React Native, a serverless backend and APIs implemented with GraphQL.

Andrej Boboš

CTO of Seekandhit

Andrej is a very experienced developer. As the CTO of Seekandhit, he works as a team manager for several teams at
Before joining us, he was the co-founder of Socialbrando, advertising startup which was acquired by Socialbakers where he continued on as a tech lead working on the advertising platform. He is specialised mostly in the advertising and travel industries and loves software architecture and development methodologies.

Martin Zlámal

Senior Frontend Developer

Martin’s first task after joining was to create GraphQL server in Node.js for all our front-end clients and applications. He loves to create declarative React components for web and mobile devices using React Native, this way he can use these technologies together on a daily basis. On the top of that, he likes to test their limitations and bring up new, controversial ideas. Martin’s great passion is travelling – some time ago, he decided to leave the comfort of offices and for 6 months he worked remotely while literally travelling around the world.

Bence Nagy

Senior Platform Engineer

Bence quit high school halfway through his senior year (back in 2013) to go work as a software engineer at a startup, while he got his high school diploma on his own. In August 2015, he relocated to Czechia to work on’s backend. He mainly uses Python, but he’s always eager to experiment with the latest craze amongst hackers.


What is the application deadline?

You can apply until June 11, however, it’s better not to wait with your application because we will accept the best applicants as soon as we find them.

How much does this assignment pay?

Besides free accommodation in Barcelona, free food and drinks, you will also get a 200 EUR voucher for travel expenses and a 1,000 EUR gross salary.

What are the evaluation criteria?

We’re accepting applicants in two areas: backend and frontend. In both areas, you need to pass the coding challenge you’ll receive after applying. Preferred skills are Python and React.

How can I contact you with more questions?

Feel free to contact us at if you have any more questions.

How will the work be done?

We will create teams of 4–8 people focused on selected projects. We will use Gitlab to create and maintain the projects and GitlabCI for continuous integration and continuous delivery. For communication, we will use Discord.